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Beaumont Robotics Camp 2012 - David Neal created a video to remember the summer robotics camp held at Beaumont Middle School. The first minute shows the students and then you can watch their robots navigating a teacher created course. Notice how each run of the robot completes the course in a different way. These students will be fifth graders in the fall after the camp and then attend Beaumont Middle School the fall of 2013. (3 minutes, 26 seconds)

Robo Patriots 2012 - Veterans Park Elementary created a video to remember their 2012 year with robotics. They started with the FLL challenge and then moved to the STLP RCX challenge. The end of the video shows the students competing at the STLP State Championship. (5 minutes, 12 seconds)

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LEGO Education Tech Support

  • 866-349-5346
  • If no data on NXT robot screen, call tech support before trying to fix. This is a known problem and the robot will be replaced - but not if you've tried your own fix first.
  • Update Firmware - When you try to download a program to the robot and get a message asking you to update firmware - with the robot connected to the computer, click Tools, Update NXT Firmware, Download. All three bars will fill up green and when it is finished you should be good to go.

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