Role of the STLP Coordinator

Student Technology Leadership Program

The following is provided to help, but not limit, the STLP Coordinator. Please refer to the State STLP website and the official FCPS STLP job description for further guidance.

Working With Students

The STLP Coordinator works regularly with students. STLP is project-based and meets as needed to complete on-going projects. This can be before, during (class activities), or after school - or a combination of these times. The STLP Coordinator is not the only teacher working with students on technology projects/competitions so the STLP Coordinator keeps other teachers informed so they know how and when to involve all students (K-12) in STLP activities.

Student Projects

STLP is not about what the Coordinator is doing for the students, but:

  • Projects and services students are doing to help their communities (i.e., class, school, neighborhood, city, state)
  • Products completed by students which can also involve helping others and working cooperatively
  • Competitions which involves learning a skill as well as helping team members, working cooperatively, and using good sportsmanship


STLP Coordinators are required to actively participate with students in Fayette County's STEM Fair. STLP Coordinators are strongly encouraged to participate with students in regional and state STLP activities and competitions. STLP Coordinator support meetings are offered and some may be required.


STLP Coordinators are asked to stay in contact with the district STLP Coordinator, Julie Gaskin, replying to email and completing district forms by required dates.

  • STLP Coordinator Information Form
  • STLP Activities Forms
  • STLP Order Forms
  • STEM Fair Registration

STLP Coordinators are also asked to stay in contact with the state STLP Coordinator, Jeff Sebulsky, replying to email and completing state forms by required dates.

  • Get Recognized
  • Badges
  • Registration for events
  • Gold School documentation

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