STLP Gold School Criteria

The highest level of recognition for a school that has demonstrated the excellence of their Student Technology Leadership Program.

1.  State Recognized application submitted.

2.  Target STLP goals:

  • Process used to recruit students - How do you encourage all students that are interested to join? Does your membership reflect the diverse population of your school?
  • Include a picture of your diverse group.
  • Process used to increase community awareness of your project - How does the community know about your STLP?

3.  Link projects - Activities/projects involve the:

  •  Community
  • Train others in the use of technology
  • Assist the school technically
  • Assist classroom instruction
  • Also includes a visionary piece for future STLP projects - What will your STLP be doing next year?

4.  Participate as a representative of STLP:

  • Students participate at district, state, national level and/or public forum as a representative of STLP.

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